FN-UW-P807 FOND IP68 Fountain Stainless Steel LED Underwater Light


Light Source: LED Item Type: Fountain   Lights
 Place of Origin:  Zhejiang, China  Brand Name:  FOND
Input Voltage( V ):  12  Lamp Power( W ):  9/ 12
Lamp Body Material:  Stainless steel  Color:  white
Lamp Luminous Efficiency( lm/ w )  55lm/w  Lamp Luminous Flux
IP Rating:  IP68  Certification:  CE, RoHS
Working Temperature( ℃ ):  -65 Color Temperature( CCT):  RGB, blue,
warm white,
pure white
CRI( Ra> ):  80  Beam Angle( ° ):  45



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Delivery Detail: 15 days receipt of the deposit.


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Model No. FN-UW-F602
IP Rating IP68
Operating Voltage AC/DC 12V
Body Material Aluminum
Input Frequency (Hz) 50 ~ 60 Hz
Color Temperature (K) Pure White: 6000-6500K / Cool   White: 8000-12000K / Warm White: 2800-3000K
Wave Length (nm) R: 621-625nm / G: 518-520nm / B: 464-467nm
Beam Angle 15°/45°/60°for high power led, 120°for SMD/DIP led.
Constant Driver Yes
Over-current Protection Yes
Operating Temperature (℃) -20℃~ +35℃
RGB Control Methods Remote control / WIFI / DMX / External control
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Warranty Period 2 years
Remark \


Product Effects

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Ice fishing is a very popular winter sport in Canada and many other countries worldwide. A time will come when solar powered LED lighting and solar powered heating will be the standard for ice fishing tools and equipment.

Watch this video to learn about hooking up a solar powered LED lighting system complete with instructions for wiring solar panels, batteries, charge controller, LED driver and the LED module.

Alternative energy in the form of electricity from solar panels is a green power that can be very useful in providing off-grid solar lighting in many situations like camping. Solar powered LED lighting and solar powered heating will soon be part of all kinds of camping gear.

Going off-grid is easier – and cheaper – than you might think!

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Puerto Niza LED Floodlights

LED lights are long lasting and more long lasting as compared to basic bulbs. These bulbs last approximately 10 times longer than incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lights. As soon as you set up a LED light, you do not have to bother about replacements or upkeep for a very long time. These lights start immediately and do not drop dead when they near the end of their life-span.

The white light produced by LED lights is just like daytime. This makes it actually easy to see and work or play in all conditions.

Energy & Environment

You can save as much as 80 % even 90 % on electrical energy expenses by utilizing LED lights. Mercury and lead are not made use of in the manufacturing of Puerto Niza LED lights. These lights do not provide any harmful discharges such as carbon. As a result, they are a lot more friendly to the environment as well as to the health and well-being of people nearby. When you buy LED lights you remove the need for regular bulb replacements. This also adds to the decrease of hazardous waste.

Basic light bulbs generate heat. This heat dissipates in the air and is lost. As LED lights do not generate heat they save the optimum quantity of electrical power. LED lights are impervious to temperature and ecological variations. LED’s are steady and function properly even in freezing conditions.


LED lights are among the best lighting solutions. Because of the lack of heat discharge, the threats of electrical and fire accidents are drastically reduced. Another reason is the absence of delicate filament made use of in regular lights.

Many Puerto Niza LED lights have CE, RoHS and some have VDE/TUV / UL Certifications. We already have more than 10 LED Light patents. We offer our lights worldwide and pride ourselves on the quality, professional design and continuous development of all our LED products.

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